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The Feline Kit Sterile packaged kit, containing two 100ml blood bags.

This is a blood bag kit intended to be used for the collection,  processing and the storage of  blood components (packed red cells and plasma).

Designed for cat blood banking  via the collection of 50-60ml of whole blood but transferable for all small volume blood collections (small dogs, or collections for small recipient transfusions, mammals and exotics)

The kit is composed by:

– an individual sterile packed 20G blood collection needle with 30mm narrow bore line for ease of access and practicality by removing the kit plastics/drag further away from the donor

– a sterile packed closed collection and processing system with CPD bag (15mL) linked to the whole blood collection blood bag and a storage bag with linked SAGM Bag (22mL)

Feline Double Bag

  • First intended use:

    100ml blood collection intended for the collection of up to 100ml +/- 10% whole blood to be used as fresh whole blood or stored whole blood in CPD.


    Second intended use: 

    Full multi bag system allows the collection, closed processing and storage of 50ml +/- 10% of whole blood into packed red cells in nutrient solution (SAG M) , and plasma products.

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