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Specific veterinary designed quad collection bag that allows collection of whole blood, leukoreduction of whole blood and processing into components including leukodepleted whole blood, leukodepleted packed red cells and leukodepleted plasma.

Specially designed packed red cell storage bag that allows sampling for pre-transfusion Hb. 

Long collection line allows tailored gravity flow rates by modifying table height allowing rapid draw times for large donors and flexible location of suction units away from the donor.  Less likelihood of overdraw due to drag caused by short collection lines.  No snap valves in collection lines reduces the chance of clots or sluggish flow within the line.  Removal of vacutainer sampling ports rarely used by veterinary blood banks removes the chance of extra plastics getting in the way of donation.

Canine Kit with filter

  • Blood bag intended for the collection of 450ml +/- 10% or 300ml +/- 10% whole blood. The multi bag system allows closed system leucodepletion, preparation and subsequent storage of blood components including leucodepleted packed red cells and leucodepleted plasma products (including fresh frozen plasma, cryoprecipitate and cryosupernatent)..

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